Noud Sleumer is a conceptual designer whose role is to critique ‘the act of making’. Within self-initiated and explorative projects his focus is trained on methods of deconstruction and reduction. Simplicity is the tool that underlies these approaches and enables Sleumer to create new playgrounds of creativity, in which we can collectively re-examine our relationship to man-made matter. 





















































During the day, every person is excreting waste. Unless you actively collect this data, it is lost. Tears are an example of human waste. The molecular structures of tears differ, depending on the emotion you have. So if you’re happy, the chemical composition of your tear is different from tears of sorrow or tears when you are cutting onions. For this project, we collected different sorts of tears. Enlarging these tears under a microscope shows detailed patterns. Last step of the process is printing these patterns on wearables like handkerchiefs and scarfs, so one is able to dress up in his/her own emotion.




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